Affordable Acrylic/Watercolor Paintings







Belinda Lawson

Affordable Acrylic/Watercolor Paintings

Pine Bluff, AR


I am a dedicated artist of many years. Since the age of six I have been lucky enough to be in an enviroment of painting, drawing and exhibiting. . I have taught art for for over 25 years and have exhibited locally for many of these years. Commissioned paintings , Graphic design, 3-D display, book illustrations and murals I have done it . I am presently on a quest to nationally expose my art abilities through personal paintings. I love color and my subjects range from abstract landscape to colorful folk art. Being raised in the folk art area I am very passionate about heritage and culture. Hope you enjoy my paintings and I am williing to paint by commision. My favorite artist are Van Gogh , Gustav Klimt and Homer Winslow. I hope someday to bring forth these broad spectrums of techniques into a beautiful style of painting.


Vintage Trucks


A blue Chair


Spring Bayou


On the River Bank


Cardinal in Fall


Pa's Trousers


Winter Foliage


Beginning Fall Leaves


Grey Owl


Short Eared Owl


Red barn with Sunflowers


Fishing on the River


Fishing With Dog


The Catch


Texas Grassland


Vintage Texaco Gas Station


Wild Turkey in the Brush


Turkey in Fall


Turkey Call


Pottesville Gro.


Vintage Sinclair Gas Station


The Gatherin


American Gas Station


The Cattle Gap


A Drive In the Country